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[K12OSN] Local floppy access with LTSP 2.0 via Konqueror and floppyd

After monkeying around with KDE 3.0, I recenltly discovered how to make 
local floppy access work on the terminal server. It works with KDE 2.2.2 
as well. You need to have the KDE packages installed on the Terminal 
Server, as well as the 'mtools' package.

The client's need to run a daemon supplied with the mtools package called 
'floppyd'. If you are running LTSP 2.0+ All that is required, is to add 
the line:
        RCFILE_01          = floppyd
Under the "[Default]" definition in the /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf

You will need to create a file in your home directory named '.mtoolsrc' 
drive a: file="$DISPLAY" remote
I've added this file to /etc/skel (so it will be automatically created 
in new users home directories upon account creation).

Reboot the client machine. Plug in a DOS formatted diskette.
Fire up the 'konqueror'. Browse to "floppy:/". Now you can view/modify
floppy disk contents via a GUI on the server.

I'll be drafting something about local sound support soon.


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