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[K12OSN] List Policy?

Hello all,

My mail account has been out for a bit so I may have missed much of this but
I thought I would take a moment and share, well, my take on the following:

R P Herrold wrote:
You are right, of course ... but that is really, really not
the point.  Reading that post and indeed this thread, either
live or in the archive, is a nice clear communication that
Open Source is too scary and too resource intensive for mere
mortals (you know, the ones with lives, like teachers,
parents, and Scoutmasters) to consider -- when actually the
issue lies outside of just Open Source.

I reply:
Have you seen W*ndows 2000 Sever?  Talk about scary!  Policy setting could
be a full time job!  LOL!  I'll take Linux over that any day thank you. (j/k
mode, but there is definitely truth there, eh?)

R P continued:
If there is content relating to K-12 Open Source Now -- and
its promotion, success and failure stories, and so forth -- it
is within the scope of this list.

If a post seeks technical advice or support, it really, really
needs to be elsewhere.  And it is perfectly reasonable to
respond to such a post with a one liner saying --
   "This is Off Topic -- see: http://www.whatever.com/link.html "
_if_ you are _sure_ that is the best link you know.  If you
are unsure -- stay silent.

Spelling, punctuation, and composition count too -- our target
audience includes the very people who have to train the next
generation.  Imagine how disheartening it is to have to read
errors all day at work, and then come home and see that the
product of the education infrastructure is unable to express
concepts well.

This is in self-defense for the list -- it has degenerated,
and become been too geeky, and too technical.  It is going to
scare off the non-technical folks.

Please, please review and consider simple 'Netiquette'
before posting.

-- Russ Herrold

I conclude:
Who's setting the policy for this list?  Technical issues have arisen and
been dealt with when it was the K12LTSP before the new Redhat list went into
effect.  It is my opinion that technical discussions of the K12LTSP
distribution and LTSP in general are perfectly valid.  Again, I don't know
how "geeky" this thread got, but I do not agree that the scope of the list
should be as limited as you have suggested.  Of course, if the technical
answer is to be found elsewhere, by all means post a link.  I've had
questions answered in that manner myself.  If there isn't a link and you
have the fix, then why shouldn't it be posted here for all to share.  Then
it goes into the archive and can be searched and found by others when they
run into the same issue.

I do agree wholeheartedly though that technical issues need to be dealt with
in a forthright manner.  Keep the fix as simple to implement as possible (or
link to a more detailed article if need be).  But the fact remains, how are
Eric and others supposed to know what needs a-fixin' in the updates or next
distro if all we are doing is posting "promotion, success and failure
stories" to this list?  Maybe *I* am missing something here.  This list *is*
meant to be a support resource for the K12LTSP distribution, right?  If not,
is there another list that would better suit the technical needs of

Finally, I don't agree that the list has "degenerated" as to scare off
non-technical folks.  The fact as I see it is, if you are implementing a
Linux/LTSP environment you have some measure of confidence in your ability
to do so--you consider yourself capable and technical enough in nature to
handle the job or you would not attempt it.  I think no one need be afraid.
It's just computers.  It's just software.  There are many capable
individuals on this list that are willing to help where they can.  I think
it's great!

No flame here Russ.  I've seen this conversation before and thought I might
weigh in with my 2 cents.  If it was not for this list there would be
several technical issues that would have taken far to much time to figure
out.  As it is, it is a useful resource for (in most cases) quickly solving
the "gotchas" that any admin in this scenario might overlook.


James Jensen

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