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[K12OSN] Samba setup w/ ldap vs NIS/NT domain

I have been reading the thread about using ldap and have seen this talked
about before and I'm curious.

My situation is basically an NT shop that is slowly being overwhelmed with
RedHat linux primarily in the form of LTSP (k12) servers (20% K12 terminals
as we speak). Currently my strategy is using NIS with my K12 servers (and
other one RH boxes)and using one of the old domain controllers for domain
authentication on a shared /home server running samba this allows both NT
and linux users to all have the same home dir no matter what kind of machine
they are using. All good. But...

It is confusing to administrate this overlapping Unix/NIS/NT domain
structure. I am finding it difficult to explain this system to new wannabe
admins I am trying to train.

The future is a move to make this complex about 90% pure linux this summer
with only a few machines running legacy Access apps holding out. Here is my
question. (sorry for the big build-up)

Is there a simpler way to manage this situation with LDAP? If so.. does
anybody have roll-out notes or something that would take me from step 1
since I have 0 experience with LDAP. I have looked at some of the howto's
and so forth but they are not contextualized for (k12) type setups and
don't really address some of the issues. Plus most of them are nightmarish
if you do not already know a fair amount about using LDAP. If it is not
easier to administrate and more importantly for me train new administrators
then just say so and I will work on this from another angle and not waste my

I am really looking for the advice of people that have done this so I can
get advice based on real word experience because I can not afford to try
anything experimental in this environment at this time. Any disruption would
be catastrophic from a PR standpoint and everyone is already a little edgy
about how difficult this transition is going to be. (taking away Word is
like taking the last cigarette from a chain smoker sometimes)

Thanks to all,

Tom Possin

P.S. if there are other strategies out there that work in this kind of
environment I am all ears to that as well.

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