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Re: [K12OSN] Samba setup w/ ldap vs NIS/NT domain

On 14 Apr 2002, Shahms E. King wrote:

>Or, if (as your subject says) you're looking for a way to get samba to
>use LDAP, that's pretty easy, and (I believe) well documented, 

Yes it is, even I can follow the directions.

>but I'm
>not sure, 'cause I didn't write the documentation ;-)

The documenation is pretty close to what you originally posted to the
Samba list ;-)


[ Shahms works with me, he's the one who wrote the LDAP Samba backend (the
  part that works well) and I did the OpenLDAP & management interface portions
  of MESD's "sorta active directory" implementation ]

I have Samba+LDAP packages for Red Hat 7.2 available here:


>That way you can use Samba as the PDC and not have to touch the NT

Now that the Samba portion has stablized, the tricky part is setting up the
LDAP server. I'm unhappy with the state of MESD's configuration, but it does
work so I've had to put making it work "right" on the back-burner.

There really is not an easy, pre-packaged way of setting up and OpenLDAP
server to work as a centralized authentication server. The pressure is
building for me to iron this out, so it will be one of my highest priority
projects of the summer.

I have the docs for my first crack at building a central LDAP server online
here: http://k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us/ldap/ ...Note that this is about a year
and a half out of date <sigh>, but for the most part the information is still
valid and useful for those interested in setting up a central OpenLDAP server.


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