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Re: [K12OSN] MailList Question

Me, too !!  On the old list, the reply-to was the list server.  Now the reply-to is the individual.  If Red Hat could change the reply-to, to be the list address, it would alleviate duplicate messages and the full discussions can be followed.  If there is a private discussion, then the message can be sent only to the individual.

Joe Gonzalez
Proligo, LLC
303/210-2097 (cell)

Kirk Rheinlander <kirk kpj2 com>
Sent by: k12osn-admin redhat com

2002-04-15 08:35 AM

        To:        k12osn redhat com
        Subject:        [K12OSN] MailList Question

Am I the only one that is observing this phenomena?

I am reading responses to email that I have not seen (I think!) - at least
there are "embedded includes" that are not from my list of emails.....

A [very] little investigation.....
Now that the list is at RedHat, when you REPLY - you only reply to the
sender and NOT the list (or at least that is my observed situation). I have
to do a "REPLY TO ALL" to get the message back to the list, and then it
duplicates messages to sender AND list - unless I manually change the
address field. I have noticed a marked increase in redundant messages when
someone replies to me - I get 2 copies.....

Any suggestions??

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