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Re: [K12OSN] Presentation Help

Part 1) Use the Macs as terminals running X (M/IX is a free Mac X server), and you can manage performance (to a great degree) by the horsepower of the server.....

Part 2) as far as equivalent programs, I am not the right one to ask - someone on the list, I am sure, has that answer.....


At 11:00 AM 4/15/2002, David Hansen Jr. wrote:
Ok, I'm the tech coordinator for a pretty small district (4 schools, 1700
students).  Now, at our elementary school, there is a really old computer
lab.  They are all older Mac's, from LCII's to solder PowerPC's.  Most of the
software they use are things like Math Blaster, and things of that nature for
basic fun learning of math, reading, etc.  I imagine that there is no way to
run these on linux, but are there any good equivalent programs that would
work on linux.  I'd like to present the principal with a reasonable solution
to replace the Macs in the lab for linux terminals booting from a server.  I
know that things like Netscape, StarOffice, WordPerfect, PhotoPaint, etc work
great like this, but most of there are not intended for an elementary lab.
Anyway, any suggestions?

Thank you kindly,
David Hansen Jr.
dnhansen lakeport k12 ca us
Technology Coordinator
Lakeport Unified School District
707-263-7332 (fax)

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