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Re: [K12OSN] MailList Question

My primary machines (because I work as a corporate IT consultant) is a Windows laptop - hence the Eudora - but it writes standard UNIX mailboxes, so I go back and forth from KMail.

Still, the duplicates messages is a symptom that has only appeared since the maillist moved over to RedHat. It worked fine out of Riverdale.....


At 02:43 PM 4/15/2002, Hans Ekbrand wrote:
> Kirk Rheinlander <kirk kpj2 com>
> Sent by: k12osn-admin redhat com
> 2002-04-15 08:35 AM
> Am I the only one that is observing this phenomena?
> I am reading responses to email that I have not seen (I think!) - at least
> there are "embedded includes" that are not from my list of emails.....
> A [very] little investigation.....
> Now that the list is at RedHat, when you REPLY - you only reply to the
> sender and NOT the list (or at least that is my observed situation). I
> have
> to do a "REPLY TO ALL" to get the message back to the list, and then it
> duplicates messages to sender AND list - unless I manually change the
> address field. I have noticed a marked increase in redundant messages when
> someone replies to me - I get 2 copies.....
> Any suggestions??
> Kirk

On Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 09:07:10AM -0600, jgonzalez proligo com wrote:
> Me, too !!  On the old list, the reply-to was the list server.  Now the
> reply-to is the individual.  If Red Hat could change the reply-to, to be
> the list address, it would alleviate duplicate messages and the full
> discussions can be followed.  If there is a private discussion, then the
> message can be sent only to the individual.


[Please add you comments below the OP, and trim uncommented parts.]

This is a mailing list FAQ, see

Kirk, you could set the Mail-Followup-To header of your own mails
pointing to the list. That way decent MUAs that respect the
Mail-Followup-To will not send copies directly to you. Since some
people use not-so-respectful MUAs, that will not eliminate the problem
though, so some filtering on your part is unavoidable. Procmail is
probably the most commonly used tool for this (in *nix land, that is,
you seem to use Eudora for MS Windows ;-)


Hans Ekbrand

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