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Re: [K12OSN] Newbie Question

Steve Wright wrote:
On Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 11:44:27AM -0500, Jim Hays wrote:
My question/concern - actually, not really my concern but the concern of
other individual in my department - is that when we connect 24 computers
in a lab to a single boot/access point, it will be too slow.
From what I have read, your concerns are valid.  If you are using 10MBit
network equipment, you will need to segment your terminals' LAN for speed.

Segmenting the terminals' LAN into seperate subnets will cause you a lot
of work, and probably pain too..

The easiest way is to cable the terminals direct to a switch, and 10MBit
here will be fine.  Remember, a switch is not a hub.  However, you will
need to cable the switch to the LTSP server using 100MBit (or faster)
networking hardware.  I don't know how much you will spend if you use a
1GBit link server<-->switch, but I would suggest that you price this
combination, consider it an investment in your Labs' future, and then
decide what to buy.

[Disclaimer: I work for Cisco, but not on the 2950 switches. The suggestion below should be compared to other vendor's solutions (of which I know nothing.)]

Cisco sells the WS-C2950T-24 switch, which is a layer 2 managed switch with
24 10/100 ports and 2 10/100/1000baseT ports.  A number of companies sell
1000baseT PCI NICs (for the server) for under $100.  The 2950 is $1995
retail, but I am sure there are educational discounts.  See
for some info on Gigabit NICs and Linux.

That being said, I realize this may be well outside your budget, and I suspect
you can get by without 1000baseT links (in which case there are cheaper 10/100
unmanaged switches on the market).  You would need another switch if
you wanted to go beyond 24 computers and two servers (the 48 port version
uses GBICs for the Gigabit ports and is $4495 list.  The 1000baseT GBICs
are $395 each.).  But you wouldn't need to worry at all about performance
of the network... ;^)


Don Christensen       Senior Software Development Engineer
djc cisco com         Cisco Systems, Santa Cruz, CA
  "It was a new day yesterday, but it's an old day now."

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