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Re: [K12OSN] MailList Question

jam McQuil com wrote:

There's lots of talk about this, and I understand what they
are all saying, but for me, I prefer all of the dialog
to go back to the list, so we can have threaded archives.

To me, it doesn't make much sense to have someone ask a question,
and then the answer and further dialog becomes a private conversation.

I think we all benefit from seeing the questions AND the answers.

The only exception to this is if a discussion participant (usually the original poster) posts summaries of the dialog - this is of course more work, but can keep lists like this from getting unwieldy. The norm, however, is to reply to the list, and this definitely increases the archive value of the list if summaries aren't being done.

I've actually set my mail server up to automatically set "Reply-To:" headers to messages from some (wrongly configured, imho ;) lists I participate in because I'm too lazy to do it manually each time :) I'm betting procmail would work pretty well for this, though I've not tried it.

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