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Re: [K12OSN] Newbie Question

Hello Jim,

We had a VERY tight budget when deploying our Lab.
We found a two for one offer at pcmall on a SMC 24 port unmanaged 10/100
switch. Total cost was 330.00 plus shipping for 48 ports.

Time was also a factor when we finally got the go-ahead otherwise I
would have done some serious e-baying.

We are running 36 terminals on one server. The performance is acceptable
but not ideal. When we first went live with a full lab we had the
students log on in waves of 7. Total time from log on to Mozilla and
OpenOffice running was about 4 minutes for the entire class. Now that
the students are familiar with the new set up, they log on as they come
in and it is naturally staggered. Every once and a while we get a
desktop (gnome) that is stubborn and it takes a while longer for the
icons to come up and every once and a great while a student has to log
off on to get their desktop icons.

I am hopping I can do some fine tunning over the summer and get better
performance out of the system. I have to say all and all we are very
satisfied with our K12LTSP. We will rotate out our dual boot stations to
the classrooms for using accelerated reader and ms windows based
edutainment cdrom games at which point our lab will be 95% Terminals.

We are using mtools for floppy access I was surprised how the students
didn't even flinch at the whole concept of transferring files back and
forth without being able to open files directly from the floppy.

Minor annoyances are the limited support of flash / shockwave. We have
found some sites with the fore mentioned just up and kill Mozilla.
We would like to find a way to eliminate the nag message in OpenOffice
when saving files in non-native format. Also we would like to find a way
to have OpenOffice hide the .directories when browsing for files through

Mosix is looking promising. 

K12LTSP is great and only going to get better. As always a BIG thanks to
all who make this possible! 


On Mon, 2002-04-15 at 12:44, Jim Hays wrote:
> I am a K12 Tech Director in Illinois who is considering installing a
> K12LTSP lab in our high school.  My preliminary tests have all been
> positive.  I do need to run Microsoft Office, so I will need a second
> server running Win 2000 Advanced Server and Terminal Services.  I have
> successfully installed RDesktop and connected to Win Term Services and
> everything is fine.  
> My question/concern - actually, not really my concern but the concern of
> other individual in my department - is that when we connect 24 computers
> in a lab to a single boot/access point, it will be too slow.  
> Can I help speed issues by placing 4 nics in the server (we will buy new
> servers for this) with one of the nics accessing the rest of our network
> while the three other nics connect three different segments of the lab.
> Is it possible to have 8 computers "wired" to each of these nics to
> balance the load on the network?  Is anyone doing something like this?
> Thank you for any info you can provide.

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