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Re: [K12OSN] Samba setup w/ ldap vs NIS/NT domain

Eric Harrison said:

> "easier" depends on the scale.
> With a large scale deployment, I'd say that the work I had to put into
> merging all of my account info into an OpenLDAP backend was definately
> worth it.
> With a few small servers it'd probably be too much overhead to justify
> given the current tools and documentation available.
>>2. Any advice for making this task less daunting for those of us who
>>have limited to no experience with LDAP?
> Well I wish I had a good answer for this one. I certainly see the value
> in it and want to help make it more accessible. It is *hard* getting
> your mind around how a directory server works and integrating into your
> network. It's even more challenging trying to "package" it up so that
> it is easy to implement who have limited to no experience.
> I think that a good, solid, easy to implement directory server is the
> next stop towards World Domination ;-)

Well I am glad I started this thread. This is the second or third time I
have considered ldap as a solution. And after looking over the links Eric
suggested and the RedHat docs and few other things I am convinced that I
could do it. However the comments above are the most important to me since
my original post was a fishing trip for people who have set up this sort of
environment describing the relative ease of both set up and MOST importantly
ongoing administration. I am trying to train people right now to do basic
account and file sharing admin tasks so my goal this summer is server
consolidation and simplification of admin so I am not always necessary.
I am finding webmin to be very useful for this BTW since it can be set up to
give certain users certain admin jobs and hide everything else (nice)

Long story short this has been educational. I intend to try ldap on my home
terminal server (that way only my kids get mad) and see if there is a way to
do user admin that doesn't require a pure bred geek to maintain it.
Otherwise I will have to stay with my current integration scheme which is a
little convoluted but works.

Thanks all,
Tom Possin

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