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Re: [K12OSN] Technology in Education

At least with the [core knowledge] schools that I work with, there was no expectation that grades would improve with computers - they are considered a tool, like a pen and paper or a textbook. The purpose was to provide a more modern tool to deliver the work, get students prepared to use the basic tool set (computer and basic office suite) of the business world, and, if they are interested, maybe a little programming on the side :-)

There was no intent to supplant, or even to supplement the teacher. Computers were to be the writing, calculating, presentation (OpenOffice) and research tool (browser) and little else.

Much has been said about the effective teaching software, but as with any teaching tool, it is [mostly] the skill of the teacher that makes it effective..... CBT has had limited success in the corporate world, for some of the same reasons, but things like Reader Rabbit seem to be well received...I even used them with my kids!

my $.02 worth.......Kirk

At 07:47 AM 4/16/2002, James wrote:
Slightly OT, but I think still applicable here.

Does any have any links to information about districts who applied technology
and saw some kind of corelation in a rise in grades (either in a specific
scenario or across the entire school)?

Or does anyone have any case information from your own schools?

Doing some research and was wondering if anyone had any information.

- James

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