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Re: [K12OSN] For Jim Baillie and others

Now that you mention that website, our company has started looking into
Codeweavers Crossover office.  It's a product that allows MS Office to run on
Linux (it actually uses Wine with a few of their libs to help it out). 
MS-Office runs decently.  Obviously you still have to pay for the copies of
MS-Office, and even from my perspective it would be better to just stop using
MS-Office and use Star Office, however our company has become fairly reliant on
Micro$oft Office, so I understand how tough it is to try to convince people
that changing to a different product is going to meet all our needs (and of
course it has to be seamless, too).  Anyone interested can check that out at
the same web site (www.codeweavers.com).


--- Caleb Wagnon <mwagnon seark net> wrote:
> I noticed Jim mention in a message about the lack of shockwave support. I ran
> into this problem also and a friend of mine told me about www.codeweavers.com
> . Some of you may already know about them but they make the "Crossover
> plugin"  where you can get shockwave, flash, quicktime, ms word viewer,
> windows media player, and tons of other apps to work with linux. It works
> great. You get a demo version that has pop up ads but the full version is
> only 20 bux. I'm no advertiser, but it sure was handy for me and I figured it
> might be handy to some other people running ltsp and needing some of those
> plugins =) .
> Caleb Wagnon
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