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[K12OSN] Planning for Summer/ssh

I'm thinking ahead to the summer when I only have dial up access and my IP
address will be constantly changing. Right now with my home cable modem, my
IP address is "unchanging" and I only allow external ssh access to the
school server from this address via an iptable rule. This won't work for the
summer where I will only have dial up access to the Internet.

I would still like to keep the iptable rule and was thinking of ways that I
could dynamically update the table. One thought that I had was to send an
email to the server with the body containing my current IP address. Is it
possible that receipt of an email can cause a script to be executed? If so,
I think that I could write a script that would obtain the IP address from
the email body and issue the proper iptable command. Once I get into the
email server, I can then ssh from it to any of the other servers inside the
school system's network .

Or better yet, does anyone else have an already written script similar to
the above.

Is there a better/simpler way of doing this?

Mark Orenstein
East Granby, CT School System

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