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Re: [K12OSN] Open-mosix question

Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:

	exposure of the network on the switch doesn't have to be a
problem. make sure you don't allow telnet into the servers, only ssh. this
hides the passwords. being on the 10.x.x.x network is just fine, since you
can put bootable stations anywhere threr is a network connect.
	route add in fine, even if it feels like a hack. if you decide to
firewall your setup, you'd need route delete default ...., route add
default .... to access outside world, but from your letter i gather it
would be asier to keep everything on the same 10.x network. you are
not running 2 different networks on the common physical segment, right?

Some background: the university sets the IP protocol like this -- 10.{building#}.{floor}.{machine}, which is nice. I don't understand, however, why they insist on having the gateway, dns, and proxy on the true IPs ( are the proxies), and won't alias them or something. I also don't understand why windows doesn't have a problem with this, even though the IP is netmask If anyone can answer that one for me...
I'm the one that has a real problem with the lack of something between us and the rest of the university. If I'm feeling generous, I say I don't want to pollute the netwok with our Xserver traffic, although netbooting from downstairs or the listening lab is nice for me. If I'm in a bad mood, however, it is because the entire university is unlicensed Win98 machines rife with Nimbda et.al. It's like Soi Cowboy* out there, and I don't need the lists of banned IPs every day in my server logs. We get about 10kb/sec of portscans right now, per machine. I don't want that pollution in my lab, either.
I take it, then, that route is my friend, and not my ignorant hack? I was going to use BBIagent as the router, but I don't think I can use route with it now. Any suggestions for the 4 year newbies out here?

* Upon rereading my email before sending (you believe that's a second draft?) I realize you won't understand this == the most infamous prostitution spot in Bangkok

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