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Re: [K12OSN] Logging IM traffic

> Some kind of SOCKS proxy MIGHT be able to do this.  If you have the megabucks, 
> you could get a $7000 Vericept traffic sniffer :)

Well, since all the network traffic goes through my Linux gateway I could
probably install packet sniffing software and try to recognize the
IM packets.

> Though I think the absolute best is to just be able to have the confidence in 
> your child not to do things like that and to have their confidence in you that 
> they would tell you if they felt uncomfortable online.  Thats more valuable 
> than any software package or amount of money.
I agree. And I think I have educated my children enough to be able to
trust them. But my friend had done an even better job educating his
daughter, and she still fell victim.

I don't want to monitor what they do, I just want to be able to go back
and review if I ever feel there's a need to.


> Quoting john meissen org:
> > A little off-topic perhaps, but,...
> > 
> > I recently found out that a close friend's 13-year old daughter was
> > sexually molested by someone she met using one of the Instant Messenger
> > clients available on the 'net. This has encouraged me to try to 
> > manage closer monitoring of my own daughters' IM activities. It's
> > occurred to me that someone may have already implemented something to
> > do this.
> > 
> > Does anyone know if this is something Squid can accomplish, or if
> > there is something else available that can log specific traffic
> > for later review?

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