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Re: [K12OSN] Slow Terminals

On Thu, 18 Apr 2002, Caleb Wagnon wrote:

> I have one problem still. Sound works on my terminals for root, but not for
> any other accounts. I don't get any error messages and everything goes
> through the motions. What's the deal?

I haven't forgotten you, I just got a bit tied up this week ;-)

Unfortanetly the debugging stuff you sent eariler all looks perfect. According
to the enviroment variables, there is no way that remote sound should work
for root and it should work fine for the user account.

Since it looks like you where having DNS problems, let's test that.
Run "echo $ESPEAKER" and then telnet to the hostname/port it returns.
For instance, if "echo $ESPEAKER" returns "ws008.ltsp:16001", you would

	telnet ws008.ltsp 16001

The output will be "Name or service not found" if it is a DNS problem, 
"Connection refused" if ESD is not running on the client, or 
"Escape character is '^]'." if the connection is successful. If it is
successful, hit "Ctrl-]", hit Return, and type "quit" to get out.


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