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Re: [K12OSN] Logging IM traffic

> I would love to see this type of thing never happen, but as a teenager I
> would implore you to think about what privacy implications scanning your
> daughter's IM/email could cause.  I can think of at least a couple off
> the top of my head...
> - Invasion of Privacy.  iirc that is a civil offense (and of course I am
> way too young to be a lawyer) if not... it could have serious
> backlash...
> - Awkward situations.  so... you install this scanner and you find
> something out... how will you approach her about it expecially if she
> doesn't know about it? etc.

My daughter and the girl who was molested are 13. As her parent I
have responsibilities that include making sure she doesn't get into
trouble. Children that age become victims precisely because in spite
of all your efforts to teach them they are not always capable of making
correct decisions. I would be derelict in my duties as a parent if
I didn't make an effort to supervise her activities. While there may be
moral issues, there are no civil or criminal privacy issues between a 
13-year old and her parent. I am completely within my rights, and
obligated by my role as parent, to be aware of what she is doing.

If I find something out I will approach her directly.

I have neither the inclination nor the time to read all of her online
conversations. But I don't want to have to depend on her confession if
something does happen. Children that age are starting to feel independent.
If she feels she is doing nothing wrong she will not talk because "it's
none of my business." If she thinks she has done something wrong she
won't admit to it because she won't want to get into trouble. My friend
only found out because Yahoo Messenger evidently logs messages to disk
if you're away, and he was able to find them. His daughter wouldn't admit
anything until presented with hard evidence because she thought she would
go to jail if anyone found out. It may seem a silly concept to you and
me, but a kid that age can be convinced, and that's some pretty serious
incentive to lie.

> couple of things... you might talk with your daughter about turning
> logging on her IM client on, I have it on for my clients and I have
> about 60MB of logs that I can use if I need them. as a second note I
> have another 60 MB of them for IRC where I actually have had to use them
> to support an accusation that had been made.

Then we're back to trust. If anything happens that she feels she
needs to hide from me it will be simple to toggle logging.

> whatever happens tell your daughter what you are doing.  

A very good suggestion. Actually, if I just tell her I'm doing it
I probably won't need to. ;-)

> On a side note... check out the LTSP IRC help channel on
> irc.openprojects.net  either #k12ltsp or #ltsp


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