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Re: [K12OSN] Logging IM traffic

In a school environment, you are 110% right.  I hate IM in school, and you are 
right, it is the same as passing notes and serves no educational benefit.

It is rather easy to block, just close off the block (where 
login.oscar.aol.com resides) at your NAT/router/whereever.  This is a pretty 
good solution that we used for a while, as it still allowed students to access 
AOL web email (Which is another slippery slope on if that should be allowed in 

- James

Quoting Kirk Rheinlander <kirk kpj2 com>:

> Bill Gates, in one of his most profound statements, said that now that he 
> has children, he does not block their access to anything, but monitors the 
> logs of what they view - he hopes that he has set the right values within 
> his children, and uses this to evaluate the result.
> It is a matter of parental responsibility to set values within children, 
> and guide their journey within those values.
> It is our responsibility within a school environment to 1) minimize the 
> opportunity for children to stray from societal norms and 2) reduce or 
> eliminate legal liability by providing what is, according to the law "a 
> safe and responsible environment for the education of our children."
> In this light, IM does not exist in our school environment - it is as 
> insidious as passing notes when we were children, if not worse, as it 
> expands the note passing boundary outside the classroom.
> Yeah, it might be nice to have logs, but, personally, I see zero positive 
> value to students having IM in a school environment.
> Someone care to enlighten me??
> Kirk

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