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[K12OSN] Portland Public Schools, K12LTSP lab costs

On 22 Apr 2002, Paul Nelson wrote:

> Hi Andy,
> Can you give me the info on your labs again. A simple how much you save
> with each one and how many PC's would get me started. More help would be
> a short list of what's included (not details, just 30 pc's 17" monitors,
> etc...) and a total ball park figure.

Hey Paul!

To aide in ordering, we built a itemized list of all of the componenents 
necessary to build a lab. [Kind of scary, our IT department has gen-x'ers 
doing all of the project work on the new labs. This is the first time we 
have been this organized about lab installations.]

Here are peices of our list:
	ASUS Dual CPU/LAN/SCSI Motherboard	1	$366.00
	Enlight case, 250W power supply		1	$63.00
	Intel 1.13Ghz PIII CPU			2	$161.00
	512MB PC133 SDRAM			4	$169.00
	18.4GB SCSI LVD 7200 RPM		2	$390.00
	Intel 10/100 NIC			3	$33.00
	Total						$2066.00

	Amptron compact computer [BCII-630e]	30	$153.00
	CTL 17" .28 monitor			30	$130.00
	128MB PC133 SDRAM			30	$36.00
	StRUT PIII CPU				30	$0.00				
	Total:						$9570.00

Data projector:
	Epson Powerlite 50C projector		1	$1626.00
	HP 4100TN Laser				1	$1589.00
	SMC 8-port 10/100 Mbps unmanaged	4	$55.00
	Total:						$220.00
	15FT cat5e ethernet			40	$2.35
	Total:						$94.00
Power strips:
	Fellows split surge strips		8	$14.42
	Total:						$115.36

Total lab cost: $15280.36
Standard lab cost: $30914.36
[For the standard lab cost: LTSP workstations/server were removed, 30 of 
the standard CTL workstations we usually order were put in there place at $909/each]

All prices are as of today... We have installed two labs at two of our 
Middle Schools (Whitaker Lakeside (NE Portland), Portsmouth (N Portland).
Whitaker Lakeside was a lab of Apple 5260s, Portsmouth was a Win95/98 lab.
Whitaker was installed February 27th, Portsmouth was installed April 17th.

> I'm preparing info for a slashdot post and I'd like to brag some about
> our local schools. If you cc the K12osn redhat com list then we'll get
> it in the archives where others can see what you're doing.

Will do...

Some other fun facts:
  Portland Public Schools is the largest school district in the 
  Northwest. 55,000 students. 63 Elementary Schools, 15 Middle Schools, 
  and 10 High Schools. Considered to be one of the larger urban school 
  districts. PPS is currently under a Microsoft audit (due to our lack of 
  a site license (projected to cost around $.5M)). PPS has a budget 
  shortfall of $36M next year, had a $40M shortfall this fiscal year, and 
  is currently $7M behind (due to a lack of a budget contingency) this
  fiscal year. PPS is building Linux labs out of a Technology Bond levy 
  passed in 1995. The new labs are currently replacing running labs - in 
  order for the equipment currently located in those labs to be re-distributed 
  to schools that do not have labs. We are working on a parallel plan to 
  re-use older workstations for both labs and kiosks.

> I'm asking for the same info from others as well so it will be
> interesting to see what's happening.

Should be fun.

Thanks Paul!

-Andy Payne
 Portland Public Schools
 Network Engineer/Server Admin
 apayne pps k12 or us

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