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[K12OSN] Windows Reliability Threatened

Bill Gates testified yesterday that if Windows was broken apart into component pieces, the product reliability would be compromised.

Does this mean that Windows reliability could get worse?

Any software architect worth his salt, knows that monolithic code on a large project radically increases the complexity, and therefore, the potential for errors, and resultant decrease in reliability.

If this is, as Mr. Gates testified, a monolithic entity that cannot be easily broken apart, the potential for significant errors is not only probable, it is a statistical guarantee!! With NT (the last Windows version that I have documented KLOC data on) it had over 30 million LOC (lines of code). Performance would be compromised, for everyone knows that abstraction interfaces between modules decreases performance (that is why Windows is so fast and LINUX so slow, right ;-)

Yet with 30 million lines of code, one would assume that significant redundancy exists in the code.

OK, so the famed reliability of LINUX, being made up of many modular entities, is a fluke?? And the "f[l]amed" [un]reliabliity of Windows is due to it's superior design.

It is a good thing that this debacle is in a court of law; the technical community should be able to see through this testimony as the sham that it is!

MHO - Kirk

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