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[K12OSN] Re: booting clients

Hello Bob,

I had this exact same issue just last night :-)

Maybe this will help, though I confess I don't completely understand the
logic of it yet myself.

I "fixed" the problem by re-installing the K12LTSP server being sure to
follow the directions given on this page:



1) During the install process I added one user in addition to setting the
root user's password.  On a typical Linux server install I forego the
addition of users until the installation is complete (I like to specify the
starting UID myself).  This is apparently a "no-no" on the LTS (point #5).

2) During the install process I defaulted the login to be "graphical".  As
my servers generally sit untouched (and often without monitors), my
preference would be to save the RAM and not run X for it.  But again, this
is apparently a "no-no" (point #6).

With the correction of these two errors on my behalf, my gray windowless X
display on the client workstation became the login screen I desired.

I would be very interested to hear if either of these two issues applies to
your installation, and if a re-install fixes them for you (or how it can be
fixed without re-installing).

Good luck!


Greetings, all:

Long time listener, first time caller...I need some help.

Briefly, I'm a grad student in information/library science in Chapel Hill,
North Carolina. I'm setting up a project for the fall where I'm going to
put a K12LTSP lab (small, for now) in a high school here. They supply the
hardware, I supply the software (easy) and the support (we'll see). The IT
guy for the school system (what they call districts here) is very
interested, so I think it's an excellent opportunity.

Problem: I'm setting up an experimental lab on campus to get familiar with
everything before we install in the high school. When booting the clients,
I get as far as the gray X screen and then hang. I've been through all the
docs on LTSP, which address this problem explicitly. But they just tell
you how to find out whether xdmcp is running. In my case, it isn't. Any
ideas? FWIW, it's version 2.0.1, running on an old Dell with PII 266/128MB
under the hood. eepro100 NICs (2).

This is something of a newbie question, I know. I've been using Linux only
about 9 months or so. But I really want to get this going. Any suggestions
would be warmly welcomed.

Thanks also to everybody in Oregon and on this list for providing an
invaluable resource. I hope some day I'll be able to contribute.

---Bob Hassett.

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