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Re: [K12OSN] ip forwarding

Did you try using the -net option of the route command?
  route add -net netmask gw


Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:

> Jim, Listers,
>         i am in trouble. i got a workaround to get the ip forwarding going
> into the private network by adding route to specific hosts. it is ugly but
> it works. route add gw doesn't work, but
> route add gw works. can't see why.
>         i couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to try disabling
> ipchains by lokkit. all my networks sit begind firewalls anyway, so it
> seemed like a good idea. bad move. all the windoze machines getting
> dhcp from the k12os server lost connectivity to internet - the server
> stopped passing packets out. i am in a very uncomfortable situation - i
> did it on the production server. restarting ip chains did not help.
> ltsp workstation have access to the net, just the widoze boxes and
> one remote site bridged through the server affected.
>         please help. julius
> p.s. i have one one test
> server where i could get the ipchains files from, but i don't even know
> what those files are outside of /proc.
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