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RE: [K12OSN] Microsoft aims at K12LTSP?

G'day Paul!

> Before they go with Citrix, they need to have me come down and show them
> how easy it is to run W2K terminal services over K12LTSP. If you MUST
> use MS, this is a very painless way of doing it and it will cost MUCH
> less than Citrix.

They are a MS shop at present, BUT are aware of Linux. They use a couple of 
linux boxes for routing between two sites over their private fibre.This 
gave them 10 MB routers instead of the 64K name brand routers originally 

I trained up one of their admins, and the current hardware tech is a very 
close friend.

He'll be coming over here to have a little 'look see' at LTSP running 

They are looking at putting in 4/5 terminal servers (with built in 
redundancy). K12LTSP looks like a viable alternative to me, but hey, I'm 
biased! ;-)

> Let's see, now when are those cup races...?

I'm not too sure.......

Personally I'd like to see some close racing for a change!


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