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RE: [K12OSN] Windows Reliability Threatened

Hi all,

Here's a different twist to the 'reliablity' phrase.

Perhaps 'Unca Bill' means the product won't reliably 'force' people to use 
MS products. ;-0

I make this tongue in cheek statement after going through the following 
rigmarole of installing Publisher 2002 onto a W98 system.

I was advised that the windows installer needed updating and some of the 
system files needed to be replaced. It then informed me I would have to 
install IE5 or later, as part of the system file updates. I DON'T WANT IE5, 
and avoid it like a bullet to the brain!

Even Office 97, installs IE 3.? onto the system without asking. My opinion 
- It's a digital 'blackhole' ( IT SUCKS!).

Here's the irony of the situation. I found out yesterday afternoon, while 
installing the Office XP resource Kit, that it is possible download AND 
install the ne Windows software installer, AS A SEPARATE PROGRAM!

DOH! You mean I don't need to install IE5 to run Publisher 2002? I'll find 
out today.

Anyway, enough of my ranting.

I think
	- Open Source is great.
	- MS has got a Howitzer 105 squarely aimed at it's foot
	- the times they are a changin' (Thanks Bob D)


PS - Remember only two things are certain in life; Death and taxes. 
Therefore MS must die sometime. So will everything else under the sun!

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