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RE: [K12OSN] Windows Reliability Threatened

Hi Aaron,

> I know many linux people don't like IE5/6. It has its issues. However, it
> also carriers some newer DLL files that significantly improve performance 
> other areas. One other option you may consider is installing win98 SE
> instead of the original win98. It requires far less updating. Also,
> Publisher 2000 should be more than adequate for your users needs and 
> require you to jump through hoops and turn cartwheels to get it 


My problem is called "The New Zealand Governement".

It closed a deal with MS for the latest software late last year. So I now 
have Publisher 2002.

I could purchase the older media, for a reasonable price, and put my system 
upgrade further behind.

Most of the problems are being overcome. MS makes it easier to install 
using their settings.

I've just used their custom install wizard. But hey presto, it won't allow 
me to prevent IE5 installation. So I'm doing a manual un-install to see if 
Publisher 2002 will break. Guess what-- Publisher didn't break. I suspect 
it won't let me publish web pages. I can think of better software to do 
this with anyway, like notepad (very tongue in cheek)!

I'm running W98 using Win4Lin inside a K12LTSP terminal session, so any 
time W98 breaks I blow it away and go back to a good config. Very nice. I 
can re-instate a session in about 5 minutes.

If I was teaching DTP I would use Pagemaker or something else. Publisher 
doesn't appear to be up to that standard.


> my 2c
> Aaron
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> Hi all,
> Here's a different twist to the 'reliablity' phrase.
> Perhaps 'Unca Bill' means the product won't reliably 'force' people to 
> MS products. ;-0
> I make this tongue in cheek statement after going through the following
> rigmarole of installing Publisher 2002 onto a W98 system.
> I was advised that the windows installer needed updating and some of the
> system files needed to be replaced. It then informed me I would have to
> install IE5 or later, as part of the system file updates. I DON'T WANT 
> and avoid it like a bullet to the brain!
> Even Office 97, installs IE 3.? onto the system without asking. My 
> - It's a digital 'blackhole' ( IT SUCKS!).
> Here's the irony of the situation. I found out yesterday afternoon, while
> installing the Office XP resource Kit, that it is possible download AND
> install the ne Windows software installer, AS A SEPARATE PROGRAM!
> DOH! You mean I don't need to install IE5 to run Publisher 2002? I'll 
> out today.
> Anyway, enough of my ranting.
> I think
> 	- Open Source is great.
> 	- MS has got a Howitzer 105 squarely aimed at it's foot
> 	- the times they are a changin' (Thanks Bob D)
> Cheers,
> Bert
> PS - Remember only two things are certain in life; Death and taxes.
> Therefore MS must die sometime. So will everything else under the sun!
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