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Re: [K12OSN] Totally New to product

For those new to the list - last year we installed over 100 computers in a new school - within a couple weeks, every mouse ball had been removed and was lost. We bought new mice and glued the holder in place.

Leaving a drive, hard or floppy, exposed to student mischief, can be detrimental to low maintenance operations.


At 01:29 AM 4/24/2002, Michael van Gemmern wrote:
Hi Timothy,

I´ve made the same thing, because my clients have no floppy.

It´s the same like making a boot floppy, just take "/dev/hda" (if
the harddisk is master on first port) for target. At the moment I
don´t know the command, because it was last year I´ve made them.

I putted all harddisks into the server and ran the command from a
bash. I remember that there was no success reply, but it worked fine.

Ciao Michael

*********** REPLY SEPARATOR *********** >> >I have p133's with small harddisks ( around 500mb ) - can I get them to >> >"remote boot" but from the harddisk rather than from a bootrom?

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