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[K12OSN] Off Subject Question

Long winded message - and funding problem related, not technology, so delete it now if you are not interested.....
I am running into a problem, that, while not a technology one, may be of interest to those on this forum, and can provide me some input (direct to me would be fine - just do a "REPLY" not a "REPLY TO ALL" ;-)

I have been working as a parent volunteer with a couple charter schools here in Ft. Collins, Colorado. As the district I/T is firmly in M$'s pocket, the charters have been where K12LTSP is being implemented.

Under state law, the charters are "owned" by the local public school system. And, at least here in Colorado, the 5 top performing schools (grades and CSAP testing) in the state are all charter schools - so the public school system is taking aim at destroying the only competition they have (and they say the US is not a socialist state!!)

Charter schools only funding is the Per Pupil Rate (PPR), of which 7% goes to the district, which provide zero services (no bus, cafeteria, or volume purchasing, and charges a 5% premium (tax?) on school supplies that we are legally required to purchase from the district). In addition, the charter school buildings are funded out of the PPR (some 25% of budget), whereas public schools have a separate taxpayer levy that funds buildings.

My question: Just as LINUX is battling the evil monopolistic empire (Micro$oft), with better services at a lower cost, how can we, as charter schools, which are also providing better services at a lower cost, win the fight against "city hall"????

Or do we have to move to some other country, like Korea, where the school system is taken as a national asset, and performance is rewarded???

As quasi-educators, I would think that everyone on this list would have a stake in this discussion, although if there is a more appropriate forum, please tell me, and I'll move this issue there.

Thanks for listening to a concerned parent.....
Kirk Rheinlander

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