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Re: [K12OSN] Shaky Video

Hi Jim,

I JUST FIGURED this out!!!

We had the same problem with the video. K12LTSP 1.x worked fine. When we
upgraded to 2.0 the video started shaking but on only some, not all of
our Intel D810emo based clients.

I tried switching power supplies, motherboards, memory... Here's what I
learned. Plug in a CD-rom drive to the client's power supply and the
jiggles will stop.

It seems that during the boot process, as soon as the kernel sees the
USB stuff the jiggles start. I don't know why adding a CD-rom drive
solves the problem but it works.

I know this is not a REAL solution but it's a start.

If anyone on the list is interested in a mystery. Here's one Eric and I
have been stumped on... What did we break between K12LTSP 1.x and 2.0
that gives us the jiggles? ;-)

This is a problem for us because the Intel D810emo boards are the ones
we like to use. They are often found on ebay for under $40, have a good
video card and the PXE booting makes them a great LTSP board.

;-) Paul

On Wed, 2002-04-24 at 08:58, Tuttle, Jim wrote:
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> Hello, I have a question regarding video and sound with the K12LTSP.
> I notice that my clients have shaky and irritatingly twitchy video
> after booting. The server however doesn't. I am using the RH 7.2
> release of K12LTSP, on a PIII 800E server with a ATI Rage 128 AGP
> video card. The clients video is the Intel D810EMO motherboard with
> onboard video. The Clients BIOS is set to use either PCI or AGP. Both
> ways, the clients video is extremely shaky.
> The sound issue is that, using the Open Sound System, all sound that
> gets initiated from a client gets played thru the speakers of the
> server. The sound card is an ISA Creative VIBRA.
> The shaky video makes using a client almost impossible. I appreciate
> all your help. Thank you. 
> Jim Tuttle
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