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Re: [K12OSN] Audit techniques? off-topic?

Quentin Hartman wrote:

I am considering putting together a web-driven database system using filemaker (I would use SQL, but I don't think I know it well enough to get it running in the relatively small timeframe I have for this project), but that still means a lot of manual entry. I have found a program called FreshDiagnose which will suck out all the information about the computer, but it doesn't put store it in a particularly useful format, and I wonder if it might end up being more work than manual entry.

Don't know how much this will help you, and it may just be overkill, but have a look at:


It's a complete trouble ticket/inventory management system, but it has as one component license tracking, which may be useful to you. I'm planning on rolling it out this summer - only downside is populating the databases from scratch - I'm downloading FreshDiagnose now to see what format it puts data in - perl is a great tool for dealing with things like this :)

Anyone know of similar software for Macs?

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