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[K12OSN] Re: DHClient sending VCI

(I've set a decent subject header this time - sorry, using a different mail client to usual)

There's no reason why this could not be done with a single dhcp
I assign multiple subnets based on MAC addresses from the same dhcp

If you're using dhcpd, just read up on classes:

class "cardinal" {
        match pick-first-value (option dhcp-client-identifier,

subclass "cardinal"     01:18:18:a8:00:04:00 {
        option host-name "ophelia";
        ddns-hostname "ophelia";
}               #ophelia

and so on.  A single dhcpd server can do it all.  That way you can do
DDNS updates and be able to tell who's who by the DNS lookup.

I could do this, but what I'm trying to do is not to have some K12LTSP terminals and some Windows terminals. Instead, I'm trying to make it so that every terminal on bootup has 'Load Windows' and 'Load Linux'. Inside Windows I would like the normal Windows DHCP server and settings to be used, and I'd like Etherboot and K12LTSP to use the K12LTSP DHCP server.

Therefore I have to make sure that Etherboot and DHClient only talk to the correct server, and that the K12LTSP server only talks to the correct clients!

Thanks for the suggestion anyway!

Chris Hill

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