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[K12OSN] Cannot connect to ICA

I'm quite new to LTSP (not LinuX), but I am trying to see if I by any chance
can convince the people above me, that we can make use of this.

I've followed the discussions last months and it seems as we have something
going on here. Maybe in a couple of years the acceptance of LinuX for one
and what comes along it even spreads to little Sweden. I certainly hope so!

I have installed the latest K12LTSP (2.0 and 2.0.2), an off the shelf

If I boot my thin client into Gnome and start ICA from there, I get it
working right off the shelf. Thnx!

But, I have a strange problem with ICA on boot:

I have followed Paul Whiakers excellent HOWTO, and I get the ICA login
prompt (Win 2000 with Citrix XP).
When I enter a correct Username Password pair I get the message "You do not
have access to logon to this Session.", but when I enter an incorrect dito,
I get the usual "The system could not log you on, wrong username or password
bla bla bla" thing.
So obviously I am connected (I get the prompt), It communicates the username
and password, but then the server backs out.
Now I am merely a small time admin on a school and with this municipal's
computer service policy, I have no access at all on the TermServers. I had
to fight even to get permissions to clear the print ques!!!

Well, my guess _was_ that on ICA on boot, the client ( tries
to login to the Citrix server through my LTSP-server, and that when logged
into the LTSP and Gnome the LTSPserver connects straight to the Citrix
server. Am I right?

Probably not.
I changed the files listed on K12osn install page, and did the one eth
trick. No luck with that one either.

So please help me out on this one!

My question:

Is it a config thing in the Citrix-servers (per user?)? What shall I tell
the sys admins to do?

I really love the project, and I thought that if you ae going to make it
easier to do ICA in the next release, maybe this is relevant to you guys.

I consider myself a LinuX newbee (using it internally as a Samba PDC / DHCP
etc server, probably with security holes).

I hope for some answer,

Peter Andersson in Finspong, Sweden

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