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Implementing SAMBA PDC was ......RE: [K12OSN] Audit techniques? off-topic?

Hi All,

> Implementing a Samba PDC isn't for the faint of heart though, you have to
> make sure you have permission *right* on both the *nix AND the Samba 
> or things really get out of hand.  It works though, as I am sure many 
> could attest...

Samba isn't as daunting as installing NT4, providing you have some useful 
tools before you start.

Here is a list of tools I found very useful......

The latest copy of O'Reilly's book on SAMBA. It explains the main SAMBA 
config file very well, and has a good list of all the variable available.

Webmin. I find GUI tools a lot easier to use. Webmin overcomes the problem 
of syncing security between Linux and Samba. One GOTCHA, the MD5 perl 
script MUST BE installed BEFORE you create users. Then set Webmin to sync 
between modules. Webmin also has a batch mode for user creation, don't know 
if it automagically creates SAMBA shares.

So that's my 2c worth.


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