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[K12OSN] Re: [OS:N:] Windows Reliability Threatened

See the news below about Bill Gates admission to the fact that 
MS is already shipping an OS with modular configurability.  

Sorry about the previous blank posting.  I have been trying out 
new configurations of procmail and it seems I have invented the 
"reply to all but say nothing" command.   :-)

"This" is the actual posting. (hopefully)

At 08:56 AM 04/23/2002 -0600, Kirk Rheinlander wrote:
>Bill Gates testified yesterday that if Windows was broken apart into 
>component pieces, the product reliability would be compromised.
>   SNIPPED...........
>Yet with 30 million lines of code, one would assume that significant 
>redundancy exists in the code.
>      SNIPPED...........
>It is a good thing that this debacle is in a court of law; the technical 
>community should be able to see through this testimony as the sham that it is!

Heh - Maybe even the courts can see through this particular 
smoke screen thanks to Steven Kuney.

>From "Good Morning Silicon Valley"

Vast exaggeration actually Microsoft Chairman's testimony, ad nauseam:The comedy of errors that is the Microsoft antitrust trial continued Wednesday when Microsoft chairman Bill Gates conceded that the modular version of the Windows OS that he insists would be impossible to produce already is being sold in some markets. On his final day of testimony, Gates admitted that the Windows XP Embedded OS does indeed allow customers to pick and choose which features they want to be incorporated into the operating system. Embedded, a customizable version of the OS used in ATMs, could be configured to operate on a desktop and perhaps satisfy the requirements of the sanction Microsoft so vigorously contests. "You can build an operating system that can run on a [personal computer] and support virtually all the applications currently supported by a PC running XP at home?" asked Steven Kuney, the states' attorney. "Yes and no," Gates replied. 

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