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Re: [K12OSN] Back again

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Dan Bentson-Royal wrote:

>Hello! <warning - frustrated newbie>
>I hope I have addressed this to the proper list - this is not an LTSP question. It is a Redhat installation question of the simplest nature. If not, can you tell me which list is best for this?
>---history begins---
>I tried to play with RH a couple of years ago and found it too frustrating for my apparently walnut-sized brain. Now I am a couple years older and supposed to be a wee bit wiser. But here I am again and can't seem to do the easiest of things... I must be an idiot. Anyways...
>I have a RH7 shrinkwrap CD set that I bought over a year ago and haven't played with. I installed it on an HP Vectra (P2-266 with 64MB Ram). It ran OK but I had the network settings goofed up (could find the DHCP server) and so I played with network settings in GNOME. Then I made some hardware changes (swapped out the RAM for a 128 MB RAM chip and pulled a SCSI card out). All of a sudden lpd couldn't find 'red1', GNOME won't start, takes forever to startup, and whatever. I wasn't taking notes so I can't tell you all what went wrong.

First, don't use RH7. Grab a copy of RH7.2, there is a world of difference
between version 7.0 and 7.2.

As for the delays and such, this likely means that your DNS is misconfigured.
Make sure that the DNS entries are correct (should be set by your DHCP server).

>--history over---
>So, hey, I'm pretty smart. I'll just reinstall it. No dice. The BIOS has the boot order to be:
>     removable --> CD --> HD

There are floppy images in the "images" directory on the CD. 




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