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Re: [K12OSN] Re: fonts in netscape on workstation

In Mozilla, I tend to set the minimum font size

	Edit -> Preferences -> Appearence -> Fonts -> Minumum font size

This makes sites w/8 point fonts easier to read at 1600x1200 ;-)

There is probably a similar setting for Netscape 4.x.


On Sat, 27 Apr 2002, Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:

>Dear Listers,
>	the issue at hand turns out to be off topic, but since i started
>whining about it here ...
>	i have a big problem with fonts being unreadable on some sites
>that peaople need to access. i was approaching it as a general font
>problem, trying xfs and loading new fonts. i was wrong. the problem is
>with netscape and mozilla - no matter what i have available by xfs, the
>fixed sized fonts are displayed atrociously badly and the selection is
>rather meager. many sites accessed by netscape run on ltsp terminals (and
>servers) look nothing like they do when accessed from windoze, same
>release of netscape. this is very bad - it gives people demanding windoze
>a point i can not refute.
>	i really need help with this, the big replacement of windoze with
>ltsp is a stake. i can't use konqueror or opera, since they don't support
>ibm host-on-demand product. i am actually stuck using netscape 4.7(789) or
>ie5.5, because this is what the hod requires. it was a battle to get the
>support for linux version of netscape. so please help with ideas if not
>solutions. i still hope that i missed something obvious and all will be
>well. julius

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