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[K12OSN] Clients don't connect :-(

I have my LTSP server running but am not sure what is failing when trying to get a client to connect. Here is as much info as I can figure is relevant...

On the server:
During the server's booting process, the server shows dhcpd succeeds.
I can successfully ping others on my network.
I can also successfully ping
I have run:
tail -f /var/log/messasges
Apr 29 14:40:23 ltsp1 xinetd[1635]: warning: can't get client address: Transport endpoint is not connected.
There is nothing in the tail report about clients trying to connect.

On the switch: The server cable is connected to the uplink port - no green light When the server's cable is connected to regular port - green light! Client cable connects to switch and has green light I have swapped the switch with a known good switch. I have tried a new 10/100 hub. No improvement

Just to be complete, on the client, I get these messages:
     "Searching for server (DHCP)
      3C90X: Status (FF)
      3C90X: Tx Reclaim Error (FF)
      Issuing RESET

Other info:
I have on eth0 the default gateway address set to be the IP address of eth1 - did I do that right?

What should I try next?

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