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RE: [K12OSN] Compaq Deskpro Clients

Hi Daniel,

Bert here.

What model Compaq Deskpro do you have?

Could you provide me with a serial number?

This may seem a little bit irrelevant, but I used to service Compaq 
machines. The deskpro range has been in production since the days of 486's.


On Tuesday, April 30, 2002 11:45 AM, Daniel Marte 
[SMTP:martedaniel qwest net] wrote:
> Hello,
> This is my second posting on the subject, here we go, again.
> WE have 12 Compaq's Deskpros which by the way have an integrated NIC,
> according to the specs it supports PXE booting.  We can not get them to 
> from the K12 Linux Terminal Server.  WE performed a Default Installation.
> Here is what we get:
> On the client side:
> IT gives the MAC address 00: A4:ETC...
> NO PXE Server found using standard boot file
> gives ip address on the 192 range (so is getting the ip from the server 
> TFTP.....
> TFTP open time out
> TFTP open time out
> On the server side:
> when I tail the messages
> it acknowledges that a machine is requesting an ip address
> it gives an ip address
> then...
> in.tftp[2718]
> read connection refused
> Any suggestions, comments, critiques, HELP!!!
> Daniel Marte
> Parent Trying to Help
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