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RE: [K12OSN] Clients don't connect :-(

Hi Dan,

Bert here.

> Maybe I've got the boot disk for the clients messed up. I have a PCI
> 3c905-TX 10/100 card installed. It has printed on the card "3C905-TX" -
> I've used the ROM from rom-o-matic that is the 3c905-combo.  Does that
> sound right? There are several other 3c905 ROMS to choose from (I've
> tried them all).

My experience with Windows is the COMBO driver won't work on the TX card.

The COMBO deals with two different cable types, different transmission 
techniques. From memory the COMBO cards are only 10 mbps not 10/100 or 100.

Another thing I have noticed with NICs is revision number on the card. Some 
revisions work better than others (in Windows, my Linux knowledge isn't as 

I've only got 3Com ISA cards, but I couldn't get any of them to work, so 
gave up. They are only 10 mbps anyway, no great loss.


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