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RE: [K12OSN] Which LZDSK image for 3C905-TX?

Thanks for looking at this. I'm losing more of my already thinning hair.
Computer Specs:
     The CPU is a P2/266
     The computer itself is an HP Vectra VL6/266 Series 7DT
     So far as I can tell, HP must have made the motherboard.

Would it make sense to try another type of NIC (maybe I can find an ISA NIC somewhere...) and see if that boots?

At 10:40 AM +1200 5/1/02, Bert Rolston wrote:
Hi Dan,

What are the computer specs?

Motherboard manufacturer and model number would be helpful.

Older machines don't implement PCI all that well. This can cause problems.


On Wednesday, May 01, 2002 8:38 AM, Dan Bentson-Royal [SMTP:dbentson lcsd k12 wa us] wrote:
 Thanks for the reply, Bert. I thought that the combo card might be the
 wrong one - but I tried all the ROMS. Is anyone else using 3c905-TX
> cards? If so, can you tell me which ROM to use?

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