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Re: [K12OSN] XPde and K12LTSP

Kylix is not an operating system, it is a programming environment.
With an integrated editor compiler, linker and other tools.
It is has both a Pascal and a C compiler.  It has a Windows version
known as Delphi, and is a serious contender in the RAD market.

the  distro will be XPde .  I say *will be* because this is in development
and is not yet ready for prime time.....


Mike  wrote - in part

> I am quite puzzled as to how I am going to continue. I am setting up K12LTSP 
> with a Samba Server, and I will be using Winbind to allow users to use their 
> NT Usernames and Passwords instead of having to set up serperate Linux ones. 
> I am however wondering how I could use XPde with this setup, I want to make 
> the Linux Boxes look as much like the NT boxes as possible. However the 
> instructions for setting up XPde (www.xpde.com) state that it should be set 
> up as the user that is going to install it. I am wondering if there is a way 
> I can do this, given that I have nearly 1000 users that will be accessing 
> the system at some point. I honestly dont want to have to log in to every 
> account, install it, configure it and log out. It would also be nice to have 
> some form of distributed management for XPde, has anyone had any experience 
> with
> Kylix OE?
> Mike

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