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[K12OSN] RedHat 8.0 and SMP Freeze...multiple systems verified.

I just want to ask the group if anyone has experienced their machine hard freezing with redhat 8.0, and an SMP kernel.
I have calmly waited through 2 kernel upgrades, to see if any of them solve the problem, which neither have.
It is only with SMP kernel, non-SMP works fine.
This has been verified on 3 computers....2 dual athlon machines, and one P4(XEON) Server.

I have searched bugzilla, and come up empty for the problem even being reported, but every redhat 8.0 machine I install, hard freezes, and you have to hit the power button to re-boot.....and if you want it to be stable, boot into the non-smp kernel.

I'm starting to think I'm crazy.....but it is very frustrating.

Barry Smoke
District Network Administrator
Bryant Public Schools
Bryant, AR

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