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Don't feel bad Tom, my proposal for a K12LTSP workshop was turned down
too. I'm not sure if the right hand and the left hands at NECC know what
they are doing.

Have others received letters? I submitted two proposals, perhaps only
one was turned down. I still have high hopes for NECC but sometimes it
can be frustrating. You can lead an educator to free software but...

;-) Paul

On Mon, 2002-12-02 at 16:17, Thomas E. Haynes wrote:
> Paul and others...
> My proposal to speak at NECC was turned down. We got the letter today.
> Sorry for the low K12OSN content, but I _had_ hoped to help with a Linux
> demo. There is a remote chance the school may still be interested in funding
> the trip, but I am already talking technology integration at NCTM in April,
> and this is a bad year for the budget, etc.
> Regards...   Tom
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