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Re: [K12OSN] Backup

I use mondo/mindi for a disaster or baseline image. Then I achedule backups of 
var, home, and etc via fsdump in webmin.

One of my servers moved to a new machine built by the computer club. I reimaged 
with the mondoarchive baseline cd that I created when the machine was 
originally built, and then went to webmin and restored var, home, and etc. It 
has worked quite well, and the FrontPage server permissions moved over.

This is an intranet server based on ClarkConnect (starts life as RH 7.2) for 
student projects and online quizzing, etc. The needs of a K12OS server might be 
different, but I am not the man to really tell you how. 

Check out http://www.microwerks.net/~hugo/ This is a great project.
> Thanks to K12 i have a server and 5 workstations working perfectly. Has you 
> developed  a procedure for backups so in case of a mayor problem i can restore 
> this instalation to where it is now? 
> Gabriel Lopez

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