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Re: [K12OSN] recommnedation for remote email retrieval

Michael Cortes wrote:

I am with a school district and may have a unique situation here. Our superintendent has a dialup account with a local ISP. She would like it if I can get our server to pop her account and deposit that email in her account on our server. Is that possible?

I checked out the fetchmail, where my thoughts ran first. That seems to be more of a server wide situation and I am not sure it applies to this situation.

easy. Firstly, your Superintendants' ISP will not allow you to collect email from the POP account via the 'The Internet' for security reasons. You might *ask* them though.. 8-) Or even get the name of the POP3 Server from the dialup config and try it via the net.. <shrug> they might even allow it, which makes your problem easy to solve.

If you have a modem on a dialup line, simply dial the ISP hourly, grab the POP mail using fetchmail, and log off.

If you run the fetchmail program, with it's associated .conf file as the Users UID, it will automagically drop the mail in their inbox. Do this with the `su` command, like this `su steve -c "fetchmail"`.

There will be a glue script or two to hold it together, combined with a /etc/cron.hourly/fetchmail.cron file to drive it all.

I would have fun installing it for you if you like.. 8-)

regards, Steve

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