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Re: [K12OSN] recommnedation for remote email retrieval

Steve Wright wrote:
> easy.  Firstly, your Superintendants' ISP will not allow you to collect
> email from the POP account via the 'The Internet' for security reasons.

I've found that most ISP's _do_ allow you to access their pop servers
via the outside.  But they do NOT let you use their SMTP servers.

POP is used for retrieving email, and the ISP's security is not
threatened if someone else reads your email from the outside.  

SMTP is used for sending email, and the protocol does not request a
username/password (it was invented in the early days of the internet -
before anyone imagined that spam might be a problem).  For this reason,
most ISPs will not accept SMTP connections from outside their networks.  

There are many mailservers that will blacklist an SMTP server that
accepts outside connections, because that's a good spam-reduction

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