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[K12OSN] Mozilla & xinetd updates

To: Eric Harrison 

> Along the same lines, I've seen a huge number of downloads of the last
>K12LTSP 3.0 beta - mostly from non-western portions of the globe. How
>it working for you guys, especially those of you who are not defaulting

>to an english-biased locale?

I want try k12 in our company in Estonia. During 2 month I test ver 2 on
C450/256MB RAM.

I still waiting new server - Dual Xeon 2.4, 4G RAM. I want to manage up
to 60 clients with xfvm desktop.

Tomorrow I downloaded ver 3 beta and I only installed it to my

As you know, we here in Estonia use LANG=et_EE.ISO-8859-1 and with new
UTF-8 our national letters turned to crap.

I tried 'setfont lat1-16' from console and at first sight it turn all to
crap :) But after login/logout all worked normal and out custom letters

But really 8.0 feels faster.

I little bit afraid of SMP bug. Is it refllects also on single CPU
computer with SMP kernel?

Thanks, Eric! Dou did great job and I already wait new 3 without beta :)


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