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Re: [K12OSN] more K12LTSP 3.0 testing


We are setting up a web site to make our 'stuff' available. Parts will be $. Most will be open source, our stuff and all the good stuff others have made available.

Web-apps is a big area. It include web servers, j2ee/.net type stuff etc. It also includes making apps work with the web. Teaching someone how to program a pacman like game for the web is well within what a kid can do.

We are days away from participating in our local FLL competition and I'm busy teaching the team about staying focused on realistic goals and the benefit of test, test, test. :-) I will post more about what we are doing and the tools etc. we use when we get back.


FLL - First Lego League

The competition we will be in Saturday at Hogg Middle School in Houston, TX.

Steve Wright wrote:
Gary Frederick wrote:

What customizations are you doing?

I'm not doing any customization, I sometimes want to get a newer version than I can find with a rpm and sometimes I want a debug build. We are teaching web apps and like to stay up with the latest Mozilla. You get more debug info and some more tools if you build yourself. I wanted to build, but in the same place RedHat puts their stuff.

We have played with versions of Mozilla that have svg. That requires a custom build.

Congrats, web-apps is fairly 'out there' subject. 8-)

At your leisure, would you tell us about what scripting languages, documentation, and teacher resources you are using ?

That would be most useful and interesting.

kind regards, Steve

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