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Re: [K12OSN] HELP!!!

Hi Todd,

At 07:56 AM 12/4/2002 -0800, Todd O'Bryan wrote:
- snip -
Could someone please send me a few instructions about how to install modelines in the ltsp.conf file and a list of some to try (I have Cirrus Logic CL-GD5436 chips with generic Compaq SVGA monitors.)

Custom Modelines for lts.conf file:


added following 3 lines in [default]

X_MODE_0 = 640x480 31.5 640 664 704 832 480 489 492 520 +hsync +vsync
X_MODE_1 = 800x600 40 800 840 968 1056 600 601 605 628 +hsync +vsync
X_MODE_2 = 1024x768 44.9 1024 1048 1208 1264 768 776 784 817 interlace

refer to following URL for further information in case of problem


Good Luck

Stephen Liu

In addition, could someone point me to a good program that will take a snapshot of my working system in case this happens again. Also, I have a backup of the home directory from two weeks ago...if I re-create all my users and copy the home back over, should that work reasonably well?


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