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Re: [K12OSN] more K12LTSP 3.0 testing

Gary Frederick wrote:

Web-apps is a big area. It include web servers, j2ee/.net type stuff etc. It also includes making apps work with the web. Teaching someone how to program a pacman like game for the web is well within what a kid can do.

Yes, I did wonder which aspect you were referring to, and it seems you are referring to all of them ! 8-o

I take every opportunity to demonstrate a new programming language to my year 5 Son, who laps it all up.. 8-)
My interest lies toward teaching a bunch of so-inclined kids the same. I have had a good reception so far ;-)

We are days away from participating in our local FLL competition and I'm busy teaching the team about staying focused on realistic goals and the benefit of test, test, test. :-) I will post more about what we are doing and the tools etc. we use when we get back.

Well, may all your procedures return(0) and hopefully a win! 8-)


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